Zondag 23 Februari 2020

Greg Shapiro



Website: http://gregoryshapiro.com/


experience. - ‘Comedy Central News,’ Anchor - Boom Chicago Comedy Theater - BNR Newsradio; Sp!ts; Volkskrant.nl, Columnist - 500+ corporate events as: Speaker, Stand-up & MC / Host. - Speaker Coaching: o.a. TEDxAmsterdam, CaroEmerald, Politicians in Gem. Amsterdam background. Shapiro came to Amsterdam in 1994 and never managed to get back to Chicago. Since joining Comedy Theater Boom Chicago, his voice and face have appeared Dutch commercials (Chevrolet, Holland Casino), television (GTST, ONM) and films (‘Phileine Zegt Sorry’, ‘Radeloos’). Shapiro’s cabaret career includes 2-man shows such as ‘Bye-Bye Bush’ & ‘Yankee Go Home,’ with Pep Rosenfeld. As a solo act, Shapiro performed the story of his Dutch passport (‘Greg Shapiro’s Going Dutch’) in Amsterdam and in Chicago for the Dutch Consulate at Second City Theater. His writing has appeared in XM Magazine, Expats Magazine, Sum, The Amsterdam Times, The Scotsman, Sp!ts, and TimeOutAmsterdam. Currently Shapiro is working at BNR Nieuwsradio on Wednesdays with Humberto Tan, they’re presenting On the Move. Shapiro is touring thru the country with his solo cabaret show ‘How to Be Orange’. In this show Shapiro is explaining the way how outsiders see the Netherlands. Apparently he is more proud of the Dutch then the Dutch themselves. the American Nederlander: Since going solo from Boom Chicago, Gregory Shapiro has created the title: ‘The American Nederlander.’ Under this new banner, Shapiro has already launched a number of charitable initiatives: - Presenting ‘ANP News in English’ for Expats / Knowledge Migrants in NL - Writing for TimeOutAmsterdam - Organizing the charity event ‘Save ArrowJazzFM’ in SugarFactory. Shapiro also has plans to work again with Boom Chicago Theater on ‘PoliticalPARTY with Maurice de Hond’ – as soon as the Rutte Cabinet collapses.


How To be Orange (reprise) (september 2011)

Greg Shapiro Presents: Ava Vidal (Maart 2012)

The Madness of King Donald (2018)

Greg Shapiro presents: John Robertson (2015)

Greg Shapiro presents: april 2015 (2015)

How to be Frisian (2015)

Greg Shapiro presents: Glenn Wool (2014)

Greg Shapiro presents: Desiree Burch (2014)

Part-time Hypocrite (2014)

Greg Shapiro presents: Desiree Burch (2014)

Superburger (2012)

Greg Shapiro presents: Tom Rhodes (2012)

How to be Orange (2010)

Superburger: reprise (18-10-2013)


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